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Brewers passion

The way Staropramen works is that we have a brewmaster, Zdeněk Lux, who oversees the complete brewing operation. He is one of the most important people in the brewery and a person that continues the long line of great Czech brewers at Staropramen. But we are a huge and growing brewery, which makes it almost impossible for one man to keep track of the entire process by himself. That is what the brewing team does, led by Zdeněk.

Each beer has its own brewer, or if you ask the brewers, they refer to these beers they are responsible for as their "babies". As far as kids growing up goes, beer is not that different. In order for beer to become a great drink the brewer intended it to be, it has to mature well, just like an actual adult. Providing the right environment is essential for beer. And the brewer's day to day work and motivation play a great role in this. Just like in parenting.

The everyday job in any line of work to some can seem mundane. And it probably is to those who do not have that extra spark in them. In order to become a part of the Staropramen brewing team, that spark has to exist within you. Training your senses, learning the process and ingredients all come with proper education, repetition and hard work.

But the driving force behind all of this has to be passion for great beer. It is the passion that makes our brewers test the beers everyday looking for off-flavors rarely anyone else could notice. It is the research of each crop of ingredients. It is the constant quality control of the same beer over and over again. Since beer is a living thing, nothing is ever the same. But in order to keep the beer constantly good, care must be provided. Passion is what drives our brewers each and every day. That is what makes them special. And what makes the beer coming out of our gates a thing of pride and joy.