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Staropramen City Break

We proudly present Staropramen City Break, our newest social media platform intended to provide Staropramen fans with an insider’s look at some of Europe’s most interesting cities:

Prague | London | Kiev | Bucharest | Budapest | Zagreb

In today’s fast-moving world, city breaks are the most popular way to travel, allowing us to see the best bits of any given destination in a short span of time. Staropramen, being an experienced world traveller itself - present in almost 40 countries around the globe - is ready to share its experience and knowledge through an original content, following the idea of making your way around the world in city breaks.

Each of the cities will be covered and explored alongside a specially chosen host – a travel expert, a food guru, or a social media influencer – providing us with their abundant and extraordinary knowledge of their home town.

Our first city break destination was Staropramen’s home town – Prague. Here we were joined and guided by Marcus, an Irishman who has been living and working in, but also falling in love with Prague, for the last 6 years.

Today, it is time to visit another beautiful city and discover its secrets. It's time to visit Zagreb! No matter which season you choose, you will enjoy there, because Zagreb lives all year round. In Zagreb you will find streets that pulsate with life, cafés where you will feel at home, buildings that deserve to be part of your selfies and the most important - the people who will surprise you with their openness and kindness. Simply, Zagreb is the city for the perfect City Break. Check it as soon as possible.


If you want to discover the most interesting way to travel, join us for a Staropramen City Break!